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  • Diving only with Ice Diving certification​ and valid diving fitness examination

  • All equipment used must be suitable for cold water diving!

  • Diving only with two separately working and cold water suitable regulators.

  • The second regulator is mounted within easy reach at all times.

  • Dry suits are mandatory.

  • The inflator hoses for drysuit and jacket are to be connected separately to a first stage each.

  • The safety rope must be signal colored, buoyant and strong enough to pull out two divers on it.

  • A separate buddy line with a length of approx. 1.5 m must be used.

  • The safety rope is max. 30m long. The safety rope of the belay divers is at least 10m longer. The ends are fixed to a fixed point (tree, car, ice drill or similar).

  • The equipment must be stored in a warm environment before a dive or between dives. Alternatively, the equipment can be stored in the water between two dives.

  • Special attention should be paid to a dry breathing gas to prevent icing.

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