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We train according to the training standards of Scuba Schools International (SSI). SSI was founded in 1970 in the USA and is today one of the largest training organizations for recreational divers. SSI offers a very modern and good educational concept and has excellent teaching materials for beginners and the advanced diver. The SSI diving certificates are of course recognized all over the world.


Medical Questionnaire & Diving Fitness Examination


Safety takes first priority at our diving center. Before participating in any diving activities with us, each participant must complete a medical questionnaire to ensure that his or her health condition permits diving.


The purpose of the questionnaire is to find out if a medical examination is necessary before participating in diver training. A question answered with "yes" does not necessarily exclude you from diving. A question answered "yes" indicates a condition that may affect your safety while diving and you must have a medical examination before participating in diving activities.


In principle, any licensed physician may perform the diving fitness examination (TTU) and issue the appropriate certificate. However, relatively few physicians are theoretically trained in diving medicine, and only a very small portion of physicians actually have medical experience in practical diving and hyperbaric medicine, or in the treatment of diving accidents, in addition to performing the TTU.

A physician in the latter category should, of course, be the first point of contact for TTU if possible. Appropriately trained physicians can be found, for example, in pressure chamber centers. At the very least, however, the physician who performs the TTU should have the appropriate advanced training (e.g., through the GTÜM -Gesellschaft für Tauch- und Überdruck-Medizin). 

Dive Insurance

During your training you are automatically insured through your instructor and through SSI. After your course, however, you should take care of a diving insurance. Read more about this topic here.

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