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​When the first snow falls and the water gets colder - it's the time of the ice divers. If you are looking for an adventure and an exceptional diving experience, try a dive under ice. Ice diving opens a new and different view on known dive sites.

How does the course work and what are the requirements?


You must be an SSI Advanced Open Water Diver at least (or have an equivalent certification from another dive training organization) and be at least 18 years old.


We start with a theory session in which the use, planning and organization of ice dives and the procedures and techniques to deal with the problems and dangers of ice diving are explained.


Then it's off to the lake for a first dive where we'll discuss site selection, preparations and procedures for cutting an entry/exit hole in the ice. You will be taught how to use special equipment for ice diving such as safety lines, rope belays, ice saws etc.

Next, we will explain signals, communication procedures, line handling and line safety techniques under ice as well as the effects of cold, emergency procedures and procedures for safety divers.


After that we will head below the ice where you will explore the unique underwater landscape.


During the dives you will dive under the ice and put into practice what you have learned before. We will practice with you demanding techniques which you can use under the ice. Why you should do this? Diving under ice is a completely new diving experience! Let us surprise you.


Minimum age: 18 years



  • Advanced Open Water Diver

  • Dry Suit Diving Brevet

  • at least 80 dives

  • proven experience in fresh water diving


Course content:

  • Preparations for ice dives

  • Technical, medical and physical aspects of ice diving

  • Safety aspects and precautions

  • Line signals



  • Theory lessons

  • Diving sessions

  • Weights & tank fillings

  • Course fees

  • Use of our safety equipment

  • SSI Digital Ice Diving C-Card

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