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We are glad that you are here and want to introduce ourselves briefly. We are Mimi and Basti from Regensburg and Munich. We are the owners of this established diving school! Maybe you already know us and our story of how we got here from Cres. For all of you who don't know us yet, listen up!

Once upon a time ...

... there was Mimi. An adventurous young woman who could no longer stand her dull office life of project management as well as the absurdities of her boss. One day she found the courage to say adios to her boring life despite all the scary warnings of her peers. She quit her job without any further plan. What does one do in this situation? Travel, of course! And so it happened that Mimi was soon on a plane to the Philippines with her best friend. Mimi always wanted to learn how to dive, but the doctors always advised her against it because of her ears. Since she was on a streak of badassness anyway, she figured she should just go for it. And so it all began ... Her fascination for the underwater world and her newfound freedom led her to the island of Cres in Croatia. There she worked her way up to the divemaster certification with Mario, Nic and Ralle at the dive center. She quickly realized that it was just the right thing for her. That's when she decided to further pursue her diving instructor training. A year later she was back on Cres and working for Mario, who had taken over the dive center from Nic and Ralle. And this is where Basti entered the picture. He just quit his job in the insurance industry and was also on his way to become a diving instructor. The underwater world hadn't let go of him either since his OWD diving course on the Gili Islands. How should it come differently, the two were of course immediately sympathetic to each other and fell in love soon after. Now, to make life even more magical for the two, it came to their attention that Mario and his wife Jutta were planning to sell their first diving school at lake Weissensee in the near future, as their new diving school in Cres demanded full commitment. After many conversations over best Cres lamb and a glass of wine or two it became clear that Mimi and Basti wanted to continue the business of Diving Weissensee... Mario and Jutta liked the idea of keeping the diving school within the "family" ...

And here we are! Mario and Jutta opened the diving school in 2002. Since then they have put in a lot of hard work and energy to make Diving Weissensee what it is today. We want to run the diving school with at least as much love and dedication as the two of them and go a few steps further. We promise - who liked it so far, will like it also in the future! Because we are 100% committed to professionalism, warm-heartedness, creativity and a little bit of craziness, just like Mario and Jutta!

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